Pearl Actions from BOOP

Create endless elegant colored pearls with a simple press of a button.
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BOOP Designs Journal Notes Action

ACTION - Journal Notes by Boop Designs

Want a fast and super easy way to create perfect journal notes or tags? Here you go! Load the action and simply create or open your own shape or image, add your design options to get the look you want and this fabulous action adds journal lines on your shape or image. Presto, you have yourself customized journal notes and tags ready to for your next scrap project. Choose from 4 different sized lines (50 px, 100 px,150 px, 200 px), you can even choose the color of the lines... It will also keep the lines on a separate layer for further customization, if needed. Fully customizable, it lets you choose any layer style of color, gradients or pattern overlays so that you can create to your hearts content. Crank out one after the other with a few simple clicks. Think of all time you will save and how much easier it will be to create. This action will pay for itself after the first few uses!

CU, PU, S4H & S4O Friendly. Photoshop CS2 and Higher. PSE 7, Tested on windows Pc. Created on document size of (12 in X 12 in) with 300 dpi resolution. Credit NOT required, but always appreciated, Please read my TOU included with the files for complete details


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New Quality Checker Action by BOOP Designs

ACTION – Quality Checker by Boop Designs

This action is the best tool any designer or scrapper could ever have for peace of mind. You will use this action so often you will want to keep it in your action library on your Photoshop when you open it. Always know that your products that you put in stores, forums or wherever meet the industry standards and are the best of quality! Never be embarrassed again with customers asking for refunds or failing quality checks by other professionals. As with all my actions this is completely user friendly. Load and play. Eight separate Actions! The action stops and allows you to make any necessary changes. You choose which checking process you want to apply. This action checks the following:

* Resolution * Image sizing * Blurriness

* Missing Pixels * Jagged Edges * Drop Shadows

I have even created an action where I put all the above actions “All Together” in one continuous action. In addition, I have added a BONUS action that will Trim and Pad your image to your setting.

CU, PU, S4O & S4H Friendly. Photoshop CS2 and higher. PS Elements 7,8,9 Tested on windows PC. 300 DPI. Credit NOT required, but always appreciated, Please read my TOU included with the files for complete details.


Grid Line Action by BOOP Designs

How many times have you went to create something and it took you forever just to create the gridline for your project? I also had this issue so I decided to create a quick and simple time saver action to saves more time for my creations. By using an existing grid you can save up to a half an hour at best.
This Photoshop action had done the hard work for you. There are four (4) different grid sizes to choose from.

You get the following:

1 inch grid (giving you a 12x12 block area)
2 inch grid (giving you a 6x6 block area)
3 inch grid (giving you a 5x5 block area)
4 inch grid (giving you a 3x3 block area)

These premade grids are great for making Alpha sets, scrapbooks pages or whatever your designing needs may be… With this very useful and handy tool that this Photoshop Action creates, you will be able to use over and over again. Talk about the ultimate designer’s tool!!! Most of all this action is a GREAT Time Saver for any graphic artist, digital scrap designer or hybrid scrapbooking enthusiast. It just doesn’t get any easier than this. As with all my Photoshop Actions, this action is very user friendly, load the action and simply follow the prompts!

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Ric Rac Ribbon Action

ACTION - Ric Rac Ribbon Creator by Boop Designs

Create endless colored ric rac ribbons with a simple press of a button. This Photoshop action contains 4 separate actions. Choose from 4 different width sizes from 1 inch, 3/4 inch, 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch. Each ric rac ribbon are created 17 inches long to ensure for diagonal use. The action creates a texture that adds realism to the ric rac ribbon.